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Dress is the most daily articles for daily use, and people are closely related, Burberry Outlet Online concomitant tens of years, in the history of mankind, people dress not just in order to withstand the cold warm oneself, but also through the continuous change and innovation, and express status, identity, individual character, professional, wealth and social moral value standard. Dress as human’s a special creation, also is one of the symbols of man from animals, human ancestors with the ape in YiBie phase, covered with leaves and hide in the wind and rain wandering the numerous years, the final hard in the age of the civilization into the threshold, know the campaigned against cold, create a open the first material civilization. Ever since the human, a dress is in, intentionally or not, quietly was born.

The invention of the dress is a revolution. In ancient times civilization has not been established yet the ignorance of times, western and Chinese costumes are based on satisfying the people’s physical needs for purpose. The first primitive cliff-paintings RuMaoYinXie, no garment ability, also didn’t wear clothes concept, Burberry outlet they are all living naked, one hot summer, a certain women take leaves picked the ancestors of string together over the cover on sun, to avoid the skin is sunburn, and her sense of shame with leaves her clothes covered her sensitive areas, her this novel move around the people’s cause, people curiously around her appreciate her this leaves clothes, gradually, are starting to follow suit, wear a garment leaves. Human ancestors in the leaves of the clothes from that day on, had the clothes. A cold winter, a shivering with cold men see the trees of the ancestors of hangs a dry hide, he took down animal skins cover with in the body used to covering their bodies from the cold, when he’s dressed in animal skins clothing to the crowd go come, immediately caused people shaking, his this animal skins also drawn people’s clothes are seeking to emulate, then, wear fur clothing become popular fashion. This marks a human have been away from the animal realm, the original embryo dress began to appear. Obviously, the ancestors of the men and women of the ancestors invented the leaves clothing and clothing is the earliest human skins of fashionable dress, Burberry Sale opened the first human dress vogue, she and he also is at that time lead dress vogue fashion person.

According to the archaeological research found that 2-0 century 30′s, the workers in the archaeological dating from about 30000 years LongGuShan zhoukoudian Beijing southwest of site cavemen, found a medal of 82 mmlong roll, end mill fine, and end with a pinhole, needle body round, tip such as mans. In China the earliest known roll, is 1983 haicheng county of liaoning province in small GuShan excavated three root of roll, perfectly preserved, s dating from about 40000 years. Compared with the spicules cavemen, small GuShan excavated roll of not only s easier, and processing technology is higher. It is found in the world today the earliest sewing tools, show that when people can already use spicules will hide sewing into clothes, no longer naked and bare. Archaeologists in France in 1868 more than the g in brezhnev dole Roman farming the caves, found about 30000 years ago as the old Stone Age grams of Roman farmers fossil, the characteristics of the farmers, Rome is a highly intelligent development, in addition to make extensive use of and stone and the fractures, and perforation of the stone needle and roll, as a kind of primitive sewing tools that had hand sewing behavior. Primitive man is the emergence of the spicules solemnly to the world in announcing: Chinese and europeans have a formal dress, human begins a long dress history. Almost from the origin of the dress that day, Louis Vuitton canada people have their life custom, colour aesthetic temperament and interest, hobbies, and a variety of cultural mentality, religious values, precipitation in dress in, build a dress spiritual civilization connotation, and all these can use a concept to describe, that is dress vogue.